Monday, 11 June 2012

South of the Forth on Saturday

Well we had a bit of a break in the weather on Saturday although it was quite breezy. I took myself off to a couple of my favourite haunts on the south side of the river, Kinneil Lagoons and South Alloa.

Kinneil Lagoons
Nothing much on the sea, the lagoons and the mudflats so I decided to explore the scrub and stands of willow/birch on the south side of the lagoons. I'd walked past this area before but I'd never actually been into that woodland to see what is there. On Saturday - I have to say there was nothing much in the woodland, just the odd Chaffinch and tit flock but the margins were quite interesting. First up Sedge Warbler - one of my favourite warblers - they are so noisy and full of themselves, climbing up reed stems to announce to the world that they are the best male sedgie in the district and will you look AND listen to ME!

There were quite a lot of them all signing away - cackling, scratchy trills and warbles throughout the reeds and nettles - they seem to like nettles.

I walked/scrambled my way up and through the scrub to the south of the reeds and in the first bramble patch a movement caught my eye - Gropper! Grasshopper Warbler. Very quietly I set up the camera and waited - and waited - and waited to see if it would pop out again but apart from some furtive movement in an elder behind the brambles, that was the only good glimpse I got of it. However, he/she was not alone, and I soon heard one reeling in the nettles below me and during my walk round there saw glimpses of another couple but all very camera shy. Maybe next time.

Walking back to the car along the road some scolding from another bramble patch on the bank and some more furtive movement at the base. Patience paid off this time and this peeked out of the vegetation.

After quite a long wait eventually it popped into view and was joined by its mate - Common Whitethroats - obviously with some hungry mouths nearby, but I managed to get quite a good shot before I left them in peace to feed their young.

So - not a bad day, despite few of the waders, ducks, gulls, etc., for which one normally goes to Kinneil.

South Alloa
Not a place I go to regularly except in the winter when there are stacks of geese in the fields nearby - this winter hosting a flock of European White-front which was quite unusual. However, in front of the houses and between them and the river is a patch of scrub and gorse which at present is quite productive. Lots of Whitethroat, House and Tree Sparrows, Willow Warblers and Dunnock all singing away in the only sunshine of the day. But one of Saturday's poseurs was this magnificent male Yellowhammer. He had been calling since I got there and eventually he flew right into camera range, bless him!

So a good day out. Sunday was ringing at the Constant Effort Site at Edinburgh Airport. Nothing much to report there apart from the rather dismal weather (cold, damp and dull) and few birds but brightened up by the company and catching up with some ringers I had not seen for a while and some excellent lemon drizzle sponge - nyum, nyum - thanks, Martin!

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